Quality of Life

There are varied reasons why businesses locate in New York's Fulton County Region, but none may be as convincing as the area's quality of life. Business owners find the County very attractive because employees enjoy living in an area where they can find success and happiness after work. Here, traditional values still run strong.

Friends see each other in local stores and ask How are the kids / family? Strangers hold doors open for other strangers and Thank You and You're Welcome are expectations. It's a close-knit community with strong values. Today, most companies we recruit include this on their list of requirements.

The Mohawk Harvest Cooperative Market in Gloversville, near Tryon Tech Park


NY's Fulton County Region offers a diverse array of homes. Whether you want to live in a historic downtown, a small, quaint house on a picturesque street, a lakefront or 10-acre estate or on a farm raising cattle or crops, this Region has all of these choices and more. No only are these housing choices available, but cost is among the lowest of all New Yok State. DCG Corplan Consulting LLC completed an analysis in 2015 of how NY's Fulton County Region compares to other regions in New York State in a variety of categories.

As shown, New York's Fulton County Region has the most affordable housing and cost-of-living index of all of New York State:

Median Home Value Index (NYS=100) 2012 Index Rank
NY's Fulton County Region 36.4 1
Binghamton Region 37.8 2
Buffalo Region 42.3 3
Rochester Region 47.3 4
Ithaca Region 50.9 5
Poughkeepsie Region 94.3 6
Utica Region 102.0 7
Syracuse Region 119.3 8
Albany Region 182.8 9
Saratoga Region 211.0 10
Cost of Living Index
(NYS=100) 2012
Index Rank
NY's Fulton County Region 61.8 1
Binghamton Region 67.0 2
Buffalo Region 68.0 3
Ithaca Region 68.3 4
Rochester Region 69.2 5
Poughkeepsie Region 85.7 6
Utica Region 107.5 7
Syracuse Region 108.9 8
Albany Region 116.0 9
Saratoga Region 116.1 10

Safe Location

It's also safe. When comparing NY's Fulton County Region's crime rate against other regions in New York, it's another "win."

The Historic Glove Theater in Downtown Gloversville, a great place to call home near Tryon Technology Park
Crime Rate Index
(NYS =100) 2012
Index Rank
NY's Fulton County Region 36.0 1
Binghamton Region 38.9 2
Ithaca Region 40.2 3
Poughkeepsie Region 47.6 4
Rochester Region 67.4 5
Buffalo Region 78.3 6
Saratoga Region 89.2 7
Utica Region 125.7 8
Syracuse Region 143.5 9
Albany Region 170.5 10

What does all this mean?

Businesses burdened with high stress and high costs can take a 180 degree turn away from those worries at the Tryon Technology Park. The Park's surrounding community offers a relaxed, low-cost environment which will lead to improved productivity and profitability.

Sources of demographic data:
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Note: Statistical data for Fulton County Region includes Montgomery County