Expedited Local Approvals

Expedited Approval Process

  • Projects proposed for the Tryon Technology Park must only obtain two (2) local approvals:
    1. Site Plan/State Environmental Quality Review (SEQRA) approval from the Town of Perth Planning Board.
    2. Design plans approved by the IDA for compliance with the Tryon Technology Park's Design Standards.
  • The IDA and Town of Perth utilize an expedited review process whereby these two (2) approvals are obtained in 30-60 days.
  • There are no fees for these approvals

Town of Perth Zoning

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Business & Technology Zone (BTZ)

BTZ allowed uses include:

  1. High tech informaton, communication, commercial computer services and related businesses.
  2. Research and development of materials, methods or products, including engineering and laboratory uses, renewable energy businesses, nano sciences and commercial and physical research, and related uses, including pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  3. Business and professsional offices including single and multi-unit office buildings.
  4. Manufacturing, processing, assembly, fabrication and related facilities.
  5. Warehouse and distribution facilities as a component of a manufacturing, processing, assembly, fabrication and related facilities.
  6. Fitness and Recreational Sports businesses.
  7. Educational facilities.
  8. Retail, commercial and service businesses such as:
    • Banks/credit unions
    • Restaurants and sandwich shops
    • Daycare facilities
  9. Hotel/Conference Center/Motel.
  10. Housing.
  11. Medical offices and Health Care facilities.

Key zoning standards include:

  1. No minimum lot size.
  2. Maximum lot development: 50%
  3. Maximum building height: 40 ft.